Deadend Brings Racing and Grindhouse To OUYA

Two media genres you probably never expected to be made into a video game are racing and grindhouse horror. Nonetheless, that is exactly what Deadend by Flying Oak Games is about. But now that I see how it all is tied together I am excited about Deadend and see that it really made something unique.

The general gameplay style of Deadend is that of an endless driver. So you’ll drive your car along a never ending road dodging obstacles and doing typical endless runner things. The twist is that there are zombies all around which you’ll have to deal with. This includes generally avoiding them but also a whole slew of missions to help get you cash to upgrade your vehicle. Now, I know what you’re thinking. How this sounds like twenty other games released just yesterday. What makes Deadend special? Well, the amazing ’70s grindhouse graphical style is what makes Deadend worth talking about and playing. So if you like endless runners or the grindhouse style then Deadend is worth checking out.

Get Deadend on OUYA app store.

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