Dark Project Out Now; Shows The Dark Side of Deltora

Imagine you’re in the future and your job is a star trooper. You’re then sent to investigate the disappearance of a research team on the planet of Deltora. Can you picture where this is going? Yep, something has gone horribly wrong and it is your job to figure out what…and survive. Dark Project is essentially a space horror adventure game with a heavy aspect of shooting where playing in the dark and with headphones on is recommended.

There are eleven levels of chaos and darkness as you explore the inner workings of the research station on Deltora. Mutants and Zombies are your enemies and they pop out of nowhere to scare you half to death. There are five weapons you can master and are found at special stations in the levels. Monsters/Zombies get harder and harder as you progress and really put a strain on you. Do you think you can survive and find out what really happened on Deltora? If so, you can get Dark Project on Google Play today for $3.16.

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