Dancing Samurai; Great Game for Multiplayer

Most games nowadays are either straight singleplayer or have a huge multiplayer aspect but it is all through forced social media interaction. Seemingly gone are the games where you could play with your friends sitting right next to you to have some quick fun. Enter in Dancing Samurai by developer Alchemists which has designed a game that has a good singleplayer mode but also has tons of split screen multiplayer action as well!

In Dancing Samurai there are tons of modes. The singleplayer mode is called Shadow Fight and is pretty much just you against enemy AI. However, as for two player split screen you have a VS mode and a co-op Fruit Fight mode. There isn’t much to Dancing Samurai as its charm is being simple to play/understand and games are quick too. This means you can load it up and play it for however long you want or if a friend comes over you can load it up and play a few quick matches. No huge time commitment but still fun to play and looks good. You can check out Dancing Samurai over on the Google Play Store today.

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