The Crazy Duck Game Comes to OUYA

A whole game centered around ducks? I’ve seen crazier but still Duck Game by Landon Podbielski is pretty unique. The story behind Duck Game is that the year is 1984 and ducks have taken over the world. They have built brutalist office spaces, factories and construction all over. In addition, they have a huge military and other weaponized technology. However, four ducks are tired of working and set out to break free!

Gameplay of Duck Game is like a platformer and there are over 50 levels. These levels are packed with crazy items (For ducks) like swords, jetpacks and more. Levels also have physics attached to them and plenty of quacking going on. The humor of Duck Game is very apparent and one of the main selling points I would say. Other features include a level editor, stats, custom profiles and a 2-4 player multiplayer mode. Duck Game just has a great look and feel. The graphics are retro styled and with the humor you just want to keep playing. Check out Duck Game for the OUYA today.

Get Duck Game on OUYA app store.

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