Crazy Cricket Seeks Funding for Tapping Dead 2; A Sequel Already?

Earlier this year relatively new Indie game developer Crazy Cricket published a simple but addicting zombie based game called Tapping Dead. The idea was simple; a one button touch game where you pause an ever running character. The game was a hit for all sorts of reasons. Simplicity, retro feel, etc. Now Crazy Cricket wants to continue the gravy train with a sequel called Tapping Dead 2.

Like any sequel, Tapping Dead 2 is aiming high to break expectations and bring the series to new directions. The most obvious is the inclusion of an actual storyline instead of just disjointed levels. Basically the characters from the first escaped the city and that is where Tapping Dead 2 picks up. Also Tapping Dead 2 features much more than just simple one touch controls. You’ll find yourself rescuing other players, completing special objectives, and whole new types of gameplay. There are also a few new modes that are interesting. For instance there is a panic mode that slows down time giving you an opportunity to actually build helpful objects or destroying all the zombies. Another mode is summon mode in which you can actually capture and train zombies like little pets. Another big inclusion is a much needed level editor which will add so much to the game. The Kickstarter just started for Tapping Dead 2 but it looks so promising and I urge you to check it out.

Tapping Dead 2 on Kicksarter

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