Conquer The Road In Road Smash: Crazy Racing!

If you like expensive cars and more specifically racing those expensive cars going super fast then you’ll love Road Smash: Crazy Racing!. Published by Creative Mobile, Road Smash: Crazy Racing! is essentially a mobile racing game catered directly for racing fans. You’ll get to do everything from race with your friends to getting in hot pursuits with the cops.

The cars you get to drive in Road Smash: Crazy Racing! are top notch from makes such as BMW, Ford, Chevy, Nissan and more. Note the cars are actual detailed models of the real life car counterparts. You can even customize the cars to fit your own personality and style. Tracks range from deserts in New Mexico to snow covered mountains in Canada. Races in general are crazy and very fast paced with a good deal of support for multiplayer with your friends. If you’re more into the arcade racing style then Road Smash: Crazy Racing! has that too. In this mode you can bump out the annoying traffic that gets in your way and try and outrun the cops. Road Smash: Crazy Racing! has a lot of great racing features that if you’re a racing fan should check out.

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