Command Magic and Build an Empire in MMORTS Casters of Kalderon BETA

Finnish indie studio Helmeni Games has taken its first step to releasing their MMO real-time strategy game Casters of Kalderon. The game has been in Beta for awhile in select countries around the world and reveals a complex world with deep gameplay worthy of an online PC game.

If you do decide to give the game a try, you will be playing a caster who will command dragon magic and attempt to rebuild the world of Kalderon that has been devastated after a magical war.

There’s always something exciting about building an army, fortifying your defenses, exploring new lands fighting epic battles and crushing enemies. And you get to enjoy all that action on your smartphone or tablet by yourself or along with a bunch of fellow-enthusiasts just like you.

You can form an extensive coalition system with up to 20 players, devise strategies against your enemies, chat in-game with your partners and battle together too if you like. You can also take on solo missions and campaigns to unlock precious rewards and other useful resources you’ll need to build your empire.

Casters of Kalderon is free to play so if you happen to find the game available in your country, do check it out.

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