Circuit Chaser Enters The Endless Run & Gun Scene

Even though endless runners are fairly commonplace, new ones are always welcome and bring in new ideas usually anyway. This is the case with Circuit Chaser by newcomer developer Ink Vial Games. The background story behind Circuit Chaser is you play as a robot named TONY in line for incineration after a failed experiment. TONY isn’t having that and decides to try and escape…with your help of course.

So Circuit Chaser is an endless runner with the added benefit of also being a run and gun mobile game. So you’ll find yourself running, jumping, flying and shooting your way out of this colorful industrial setting. TONY has many different powers that help you along your way such as his incredible extreme blast move which propels you super far and fast while destroying everything in your way. Collect circuits along the way to upgrade TONY’s different powers and also unlock new robotic skins. There are also leaderboards if you think you are the best out of your friends at helping TONY escape. Circuit Chaser looks amazing and a fun 3D run and gun endless runner. You can download it now for free on Google Play.

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