Chroma Squad Hits Kickstarter Goal – Pre-order Now

About a week ago I wrote a little news article about Behold Studios’ latest endeavor, Chroma Squad, which is a turn-based style game where you manage a Japanese Sentai TV show. Weird theme but from their Kickstarter page they had tons of features planned and the game looks very promising. Other people must have thought so as well because in just that week Chroma Squad hit their Kickstarter goal!

So with the event of them hitting their goal it is official that Chroma Squad is coming to all devices…eventually. The Android release specifically is slated for mid-2014. However if you want to get in on the game while the iron is hot you can pre-order Chroma Squad through Humble Bundle for $15 (which also includes some other backers perks).

As of now Chroma Squad has raised almost $64,000 of their original $55,000 goal and still has 15 days to go. So you know what this means…Stretch Goals! If Chroma Squad hits$80,000 then solo missions will be available in campaign mode and if it hits $110,000 then Behold Studios will add in an episode editor. Either way Chroma Squad is coming to all devices fairly soon and it is shaping up to be a great game so keep your eyes on it and pre-order Chroma Squad now if you haven’t already!

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