Chroma Squad Almost at Kickstarter Goal

Kickstarter has been a great platform for games to reach the light of day by getting fans and interested people to donate money to the cause. Well Chroma Squad is a new game looking for support on Kickstarter and is being developed by Behold Studios who created the wonderful game, Knights of Pen & Paper. Chroma Squad looks to be just as good and is about managing a Japanese Sentai TV studio where you hire actors to make episodes and use special effects.

Certainly an interesting idea and prospect but it seems Behold Studios know what they are doing and have the game planned out. From what they have listed on their Kickstarter page, Chroma Squad is a turn-based meta-game where your matches are actual television episodes.  In Chroma Squad it is said you can customize your actors in terms of outfits and roles, pursue different skill trees, manage your actual television studio, manage fan base, and of course actually do the action which is where the turn-based style comes into play.

Chroma Squad features a storyline which has multiple endings so the replay value seems super high. In addition there are both single and multiplayer campaign modes to further keep you interested. Right now Chroma Squad has raised almost $48,000 of its $55,000 goal and has 22 more days to go. So get in now and help Chroma Squad out. Backing perks include of course getting the game if you donate $15 and others include getting beta access to soundtracks, shirts and other real life merch. So check out their Kickstarter.

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