Channel Your Inner Link With Pot of Legend

You know how in the Legend of Zelda series it is customary to just go around smashing pots to get some glorious rupees? Well, now game developer Orca Inc. has created a game called Pot of Legend that is pretty much just a free for all pot smashing game exactly like Link does to fill his wallets.

In general, Pot of Legend is kind of one of those exponential “clicker” action games but more interactive in some ways. The setting of Pot of Legend is inside a building or store with pots that appear. You have characters that go around looking for the pots to then smash them to get money. This is done by filling a gauge which you can fill by tapping the screen repeatedly. Of course, a big aspect of the gameplay is using the money you find to buy upgrades for the pots in general and your hero. So increasing appearance rates, characters, money amount, etc.  In general, Pot of Legend is a simple and very silly game but it is also addictive.

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