Catch the Rarest Fish in Vlambeer’s Pixel Art Adventure Ridiculous Fishing

America’s favorite pastime (fishing) has just gotten a whole lot better. Vlambeer’s pixel art adventure game Ridiculous Fishing ain’t no quiet countryside sojourn. It is a fast paced crazy fishing adventure where you bring out your chainsaw to chop your catch and fling your huge haul of fish high into the air only to shoot ‘em down in style.

Basically you play Billy, the guy with a mysterious past who seeks redemption in fishing. You cast your line and then as your lure descends into the deep waters, you tilt your device left and right to go around the fish. Ridiculously enough, as you go deeper into the waters you must avoid the little bits of sea life who are all looking to grab a piece of your bait. A handy chainsaw helps you mow past any of those pesky little swimmers but a limited supply of gas will keep you on your toes. The reel fishing happens when you hit the sea floor. There are highly prized creatures you must catch and deadly ones you must avoid.

You also get to pick up plenty of cash which you can use to upgrade your fishing gear. The awesome retro graphics and the cool and catchy tunes combine with the amazingly addictive gameplay to make this a must have game for your Android.

Ridiculous Fishing has been voted one of the best Indie games and has received rave reviews on the iOS platform as well. You can grab this IAP-free game from the Play Store for $2.99 or pick it up as part of the Humble Mobile Bundle 3 package.

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