Candy Crush Saga Gets a Massive Update Brings a Dream World and More

Everybody’s favorite puzzle game Candy Crush Saga just got sweeter! Publishers King have just released a major update that brings a new game world titled Dreamworld, a magical new character Odus the Owl, and a special Moon Struck reward that should keep fans locked into the game for even more hours.

Dreamworld will be a dream-inspired world with a magical twist. Candy Saga players will be able to unlock this new world once they have completed level 50 on the map. Once the dreamworld is unlocked players will be introduced to a parallel universe of 65 levels by the new magical character Odus the Owl. As far as gameplay is concerned,  players will be able to still experience the previous levels of the game, although this will be in a completely unique and challenging way.

Apart from matching candies, players have the additional job of keeping Odus the owl perched atop the half moon by crushing the correct colored candies that are on either side of the character. Players will need to balance the candies on both sides so that Odus keeps steady and doesn’t fall off the moon.

For every move made in the game Odus’ special Moon power meter fills up. Once the meter reaches its capacity, it will explode and remove a certain colored candy from the screen.

Existing players can expect a seamless synchronization with Facebook to that the new levels can be unlocked from either platform without any difficulty, as well as ensuring that game progress and leaderboard scores are not lost.

Candy Crush Saga’s massive expansion brings new content to the game in a refreshing new format without affecting the gameplay experience from the original. There’s plenty of challenges for existing players and tons of good content for newbies. If you still haven’t downloaded this popular game, be sure to get it on the Play Store now.

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