Can You Survive Isle of Bxnes?

Whalenought Studios has been working on their latest game for a while and have gone through a lot of alpha testing to finish their game to be the best it can be. Now, their game Isle of Bxnes is out on select devices for $2.99. So if you have a 4S+ iPhone, 2+ iPad as well as select Android phones and tablets you can play this amazing stone age roguelike RPG. One of the best things about Isle of Bxnes is just how randomly generated everything is which leads to a huge amount of variety.

The story behind Isle of Bxnes is you pick a tribe living in the stone age essentially and are making a trek eastward. Of course this journey is a treacherous one and you’ll have to plan accordingly. Dealing with wild beasts, cannibals and enemy tribes are just part of it. You’ll also have to gather enough resources along the way to keep your own tribe alive and to father future generations. Isle of Bxnes is an unforgiving game but that is part of its charm. Everything is permadeath. If you die…you die. As well as your whole tribe. You can get reincarnated in an interesting system where your skills are passed down to your offspring randomly. As far as choices and decisions, there are a multitude of different tribes you can choose from which have different abilities and skills. Also each island you come across is randomly generated so the amount of content is literally endless. Resources are limited and require you to make tough choices on what to use them for. All in all, Isle of Bxnes is a well thought out permadeath RPG that looks and sounds amazing, and for $2.99 there are no IAPs or pay to win model. You get what you pay for and it is well worth it.

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