Can You Make It To 100? The Enchanted Cave

Do you think you have what it takes to fight your way down to floor 100 in The Enchanted Cave and make it back out alive? This is the challenge you are faced with in Dustin Auxier’s newest roguelike The Enchanted Cave.

You may recognize the name Enchanted Cave as iterations of it have been on PC and flash gaming sites like Kongregate for a while but now it has made the jump to mobile Android devices with a small cost of $0.99. The overall goal of The Enchanted Cave is again to make it to level 100. However, you can fight your way down, collect loot and gear, come back to the surface to heal and then come back down. So you don’t have to do it in one go which is nice. The interface has been completely redone for mobile devices and the effort shows. Movement is easy, there is a fast find inventory button, and easy potion/spell interfaces as well. Essentially, the mobile version of The Enchanted Cave has really stepped up its game and is well worth the price. Check it out!

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