Can You Escape? FreeDum Comes to Android

In FreeDum by Bulkypix you play a little ladybug trying to escape various mazes set up by a devious kid. Get it? Freedom? Anyways, puns aside FreeDum is another extremely cute and fun puzzle game published by the powerhouse that is Bulkypix and will keep you entertained for hours.

Levels in FreeDum progressively get harder and use all sorts of diabolical devices. Such hazards include swinging axes, razor blades, matches and more. This kid certainly has issues! Luckily the ladybug protagonist named Dum has some tricks up her sleeves such as shrinking herself and flying short distances. Along the way you also have to help save baby ladybugs from the evil Max. FreeDum looks great and is extremely colorful and cheerful. There are lots of levels and in general a lot of content. FreeDum does cost $1.23 but looks to be a great time and a good download.


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