Build A Life In Rome With When In Rome Free

Realore has done a great job at making games based on historical times such as Viking Saga: The Cursed Ring Free and the South America in Adelantado Trilogy but now they have set their sites on Rome with their game, When In Rome Free. This time gameplay revolves around Flavius, a Roman warrior, who is retiring and wanting to build a new life for himself.

However, Flavius is hurt so he can’t be a warrior anymore and is rather broke. Luckily, he got a position to instruct the construction of new settlements and to take care of the farms. As you can tell from this storyline, you may think this is a startup to a Farmville type game. When In Rome Free is not one of those games and actually is level based, specifically there are 41 challenging levels to partake in. There are certainly elements akin to Farmville like games in When In Rome Free but the core gameplay is objective based and you move on to different locations throughout Rome. Overall, When In Rome Free is interesting to say the least and is free, so might as well check it out!

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