Bring Your Drifting Skills to Dubai In Dubai Drift

You’ve played countless racing games, you’ve played your share of drifting games, now you can bring your top skills to Dubai Drift by F Technology Games. Dubai Drift is a no frills drifting/racing game where you dive straight into the action and boy is it action packed.

When you load up Dubai Drift you pick a car and get right down to the racing. You do have five different cars to choose from. According to the game’s description this is the perfect amount for any “real” man. These cars can be customized with different paint jobs however. There is a singleplayer mode as well as a great online multiplayer. This way you can really exercise your bragging rights when you beat your friends and lave them in the dust. Other features that Dubai Drift has include a day/night cycle for more unique racing settings and great hard rock music to keep you pumped for your races! If you like racing/drifting games then check out Dubai Drift for a decent one to play.

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