Breathtaking Action RPG Mother of Myth Shows off Latest Build Video on Kickstarter

If you haven’t been following Playnery’s latest game developmental efforts so far, it’s time you did. Their tantalizing debut project that is currently on Kickstarter is called Mother of Myth and is an action role-playing game inspired by ancient Greek and Roman mythology. In Mother of Myth, players will take on the role of a rhapsodist who is thrown into the middle of a war between the Titans and the Gods and must fulfill his destiny by journeying through the dungeons and unraveling the mythology of Acis and Galatea.

In their latest gameplay footage video, Playnery show off a little bit of their gameplay, dungeons and skill cards. One of the cool things we see is the zoom in feature that offers a closer view of the characters and environment. Mother of Myth is expected to have its own engine, custom built by Playnery themselves and we can see how amazingly well it renders in the video. The game doesn’t appear to have any virtual joystick controls but its amazing to see how easily the dramatic action sequences are performed with simple touch based controls.

Tapping, sliding, slashing and combo movements empowers the hero to perform a wide range of kickass moves. We also see a big boss battle at the end of the dungeon and treasures and bonus prizes players will earn at the end of a successful battle. Mother of Myth will be a multiplatform game and that means players can log in to Facebook to save the game and then continue to access the game from other devices.

If you enjoyed all the gorgeous screenshots and video play, you can back up the project on their Kickstarter page. You could pick up cool rewards for your loyalty such as a printed art script book, be the one to name a dungeon or even be invited to a private launch party in San Jose!

Mother of Myth is scheduled to launch globally in November 2013 on Android. However, there are still 17 days to go before the project funding closes. Be sure to pledge your funds and spread the word around.

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