Breath Deep And Blow; Dandelions Chain of Seeds

Is there anything more relaxing or zen based then picking up a dandelion and blowing the seeds to just watch them float around. I didn’t think so. Dandelions Chain of Seeds is a game that aims to capitalize on that zen like feeling while also providing an interesting puzzle game while they’re at it.

The puzzle aspect in Dandelions Chain of Seeds is simple. You need to connect dandelion seeds together in one long chain by rotating and turning. A fair bit of games have done this puzzle aspect before but Dandelions Chain of Seeds does it with a sense of style. Relaxation really is the word here with Dandelions Chain of Seeds and you’ll find yourself lost in thought trying to complete the puzzles. In total there are 3 flower worlds with over 60 levels to complete. The relaxation/zen factor comes from the soft colors and the chimes you hear when connecting seeds. You can get Dandelions Chain of Seeds for $2.99 and is well worth it.

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