Breach & Clear Ready for Action

Released today from Gun Media is a new tactical strategy game with a Spec Ops theme called Breach & Clear. You are given complete control over your missions and must plan your actions accordingly and look at every angle for all possibilities. Breach & Clear attempts to bring the tactical strategy mobile game genre into the world we know it by incorporating as much real life aspects as they can.

In Beach & Clear you can choose between different tactical squads ranging from the US Army Rangers, US Navy Seals, Canada’s JTF2, and more and take on foes just as varied. Gameplay is said to be tough and you must learn how to approach, engage and dominate your enemies in the best tactical way possible. Breach & Clear has full customization with thousands of real life gun combinations (over 30 weapons) and can tailor your individual soldiers with their own set of perks, tactics, armor, camo and inventory that fit the situation and your playing style. Your soldiers can also level up in a very in depth progression system.

There are 15 maps so far and in your planning stage you can plan out your attack to a t and every soldier and decision matters. Use cover fire, multiple points of entry/attack, different door breaching techniques, flanking, etc. to really get a hold on your opponent. The amount of different choices and ways you can go about a mission takes the 15 available maps and makes the replay value ten fold at least and is going to be constantly updated with new maps, gear, squads and game modes. So check out Breach & Clear over on Google Play now for $1.99.

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