Bloody Harry Is Pure Zombie Killing Action

A new zombie killing shoot was released on Google Play this week called Bloody Harry and it is exactly what you need on a stressful day. There is no strategy in Bloody Harry, just Harry, his guns and zombies. Oh, I should mention the zombies are vegetable zombies and Harry seems to be a chef.

That get your attention? Hopefully. In Bloody Harry you’ll be tasked with taking down all sorts of zombies that are made from various vegetables. You have lettuce zombies, radish zombies, eggplant zombies and more. To help you take these rotten guys out you have 15 weapons at your disposal with upgrades for each. There are also various powerups you can pick up and allies to come to your rescue. The more you play and the more zombies you kill the more Harry levels up getting various extra skills and perks. If you’re looking for a pure and simple arcade shooter then look no further than Bloody Harry.

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