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A great way to start with your planning and booking of a trip to one of the famous casinos while on your vacation is by doing a lot of reading. People are always going to casinos and even more so, they are constantly talking about them. Whether they are winging, praising or just commenting, someone is saying something.

Someone you know will have been to one so you could get a trusted opinion on the experience, social media platforms usually have groups or pages you can visit or, click this casino blog and see how people are chatting and discussing the good the bad and the ugly.

Tips for preparing yourself for a casino trip

As exciting as it will all be, and it will be, don’t come across like a crazy person who never leaves the house. When you arrive, take the time to grab a drink, walk around and see the layout of the place, get familiar with your surroundings.

Any practice you can get in beforehand is going to be beneficial. Whether it’s at home with friends and playing with chips-not actual money-or online with a 5er in credit, getting used to the game will keep you relaxed at the table with strangers and a dealer you are always being wary of.

Most casinos nowadays are filled with more slot machines than anything else, because they are the most popular and because they pay out more times than higher rolling tables. Ideally, just go for one that looks fun and try your luck, there are no strategic moves you can do to guarantee a win so just enjoy it.

Also, don’t go overboard with the drinking because you are on such a buzz, you’ll want to keep a level head, especially if you plan on playing on your first day straight away. Read what they say about overdrinking in casinos and whether you’re ‘that’ guy.

While you don’t need to dress black tie to visit a casino, a comb through the hair and a splash of water will help at least keep you looking presentable.

Dress for all weathers, whatever the temperature is outside its bound to be the opposite indoors, so if it’s a scorcher, bring a light jacket or cardigan if you intend to sit a few hours around the tables.
Parking is another issue no-one pays attention to till it’s time to go home, remember where the car is, take a photo, identify a landmark of sorts, it’s not the grocery parking lot where you can only go so far, this is Vegas baby.

Casino Etiquette

Trying to not be noticed as the new kid on the block when it’s your first few times in a casino can be daunting, but there are a few tricks you can master to be ‘one of the boys.’ Or at least someone who looks like they know what they’re doing.

Politeness, while this is the basics of manners some people seem to forget this simple behavior, which can take you a long way.

If you are having a bad day or can’t seem to get out of your losing rut, don’t take it out on the dealer, casino or even worse the other players, take a break, change the scenery and come back when you’ve had a moment to chill.

Put your cash on the table in front of you, the dealer will then take it and exchange it for the value in chips, no handing over cash this isn’t a Hill Billy Town. Same goes for ordering drinks, signal a gesture to the wait staff and they will come to you for your drinks orders and refills, tip as you go and never put your drink down on the playing table.

Some others include not using your phone at the table, step away or outside to make or take a call. Be decisive and stick with it, you don’t want to look weak in front of the other players buy changing your mind last minute-or even worse trying to cheat.

If you are watching your mate play a few rounds, stand behind him and observe, seats are for those participating in the game.

They may be small behavioral changes and simple things but it can help boost your morale for the trip and get you comfortable.

Are casinos legal?

As a whole casinos are pretty much legal in most parts of the world, each state or region pertains to its specific laws and legislation but for the most part, they are good to go. 90% of them are licensed of course, and then some aren’t. All still operate with abundance, the only difference being the risks.

If you go to a casino that operates with a license you will notice some preventative laws you might not have seen before. Only certain games are allowed, increased waiting ties between spins or rolls, and for customers used to set ways this can be frustrating.

So why do these places opt to have no license? Well, for a big part it has to do with taxing. It also keeps the pace at a high non-stop so players rarely stop unless they need the restroom. And even then that is curbed by serving smaller sized drinks.

If you want to know more about how the licensing works and if you plan on having your casino and what it will entail, the pros and cons of having one, then visit for a quick read up about it and it might help advise you on your final decision.

Don’t be fooled though, as glamorous as it all looks with brightly colored lights in every corner, applause, and cheering going on in dim-lit corners, the work is tough. Be prepared to get your hands dirty, a successful business is only as good as its owner. If you can’t be bothered, it will show.

Make it a success, get your lights shining bright, and may your casino be the glowing destination on the strip.

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