Best Android Phones to Buy in 2020

If you are looking to buy an Android phone and you are wondering which one to buy, you are at the right place. Picking the right phone can be overwhelming especially if you have a little information. Android has some of the best phones on the market and the good thing is that these phones have a similar user experience even when you browsing for south african casino sites. Everyone will get something, whether they are looking for a cheap phone or an expensive one. You can get a phone for just under $200 and you can get a phone if you have a budget that is set in the $400 range. Here are the best Android phones.

Google Pixel 4a

Google Pixel 4a is one of the most affordable Android phones on the market. The phone has a 5.81-inch OLED display. It is the tenth version of Android. It has a massive storage of 128GB. The phone can last for 8 hours 55 minutes without being charged. The phone will cost you $34, it has a lower price compared to other phones with similar or lower specs.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has a dynamic 6.9-inch 120Hz display. The phone’s version is Android 10. It can last up to 10 hours and 15 minutes without being charged. If you are willing to pay an ultra-premium price, this is the best phone for you. Besides having some of the best specs, like an app to play high roller casino games, the phone also is a powerful note taker. The camera has a 108MP sensor and 50x zoom. On top of that, the phone has a mini game console which can support Xbox games. If you are an Xbox fan, this means you can stream games on your phone.

OnePlus 8 Pro

This phone has a 120Hz display and the phone can last up to 11 hours five minutes without being charged. The phone is one of the most expensive Android phones on the market, it will cost you $899. It is all worth it because the phone has the best performance.

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