Best Android apps using location services

Location services that can be found and used on Android installed apps can be rather effective in helping users to do a variety of different things.

For instance, one of the main features that this piece of technology offers them is the fact that they will be able to locate where they are in the world via the use of the GPS technology that is being used, with map applications being the best example of how these work.

However, there are times that location services can play up, although a simple reboot will generally get any issues that occur to reconfigure itself and locate itself properly, thus providing the user with the most accurate service when possible, such as being able to obtain the right directions or by being able to access a geo-locked site that they are able to enter because of where they are in the world.

Indeed, there are a number of great applications that are available on Android devices, but here are some of the best that use location services to an effective level.

Google Maps

Perhaps one of the most well-known location services apps that are available on the Google Play Store is the Google Maps app. Indeed, some will even go as far as to claim that it is the best GPS navigation app that is available on an Android device, as well as those on iOS systems.

Google Maps is widely considered to be the number one app that uses location services because it offers a plethora of different advantages to users who use it. For instance, they provide users with a range of different transportation methods when trying to get to a certain destination, whilst they will also highlight any traffic issues that may arise whilst on your journey via the use of satellites.

In addition, they highlight things such as roadworks and speed cameras, whilst also offering users timings for then they can expect to arrive at a certain destination.


Another GPS navigation app that can be considered to be amongst the best apps that use location services for Android devices is WAZE. WAZE is an app that works in a similar way as Google Maps does, however all traffic information has been crowd-sourced, thus making it a little more trustworthy, as well as potentially more up to date.

Other benefits of this navigation app include receiving real-time alerts about certain incidents that can impact a journey being taken – such as accidents, roadworks, closures etc. – whilst users can also share the latest petrol prices which is a handy feature that allows drivers to find the cheapest possible prices.

VPN Services

Perhaps handier for those that want to avoid geo-location blocks when visiting sites such as online casinos or for those that want to protect their identity whilst online from security threats, VPN services are a great location services tool that can be found on Android’s Play Store.

These services have the ability to mask the real locations of the user and make the internet appear to connect from somewhere else by accessing a number of servers that may be available to connect to. Each of the servers available will be encrypted and will not log any data that has been acquired whilst using it, whilst some will also feature an automatic kill switch.

Finding a VPN service that works for each individual can be down to trial and error, however there are many available that each offer the same services.

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