Become a Coin Collector with the Coin Dozer Casino Game Goldrush Coin Falls

Goldrush Coin Falls is the second game in the Coin Falls series and involves dropping coins on a many-tiered machine in order to collect as many of them as you possibly can at the end.

The game starts off with a four tiers of which two of them move back and forth providing the momentum and push needed to get the coins to the bottom. You must carefully choose where you want the coins dropped so that you have a better chance of getting them quickly to the bottom of the screen.

The challenge in the game is that you only have a limited number of coins in the machine (around 25) and the coins have a tendency to fall off on the sides rather than head to the bottom. You earn a free coin every 20 seconds or so or 11 minutes if you are offline.

As you pick up more and more coins, you level up and earn XP which will unlock some interesting game features. Although the game doesn’t require any extraordinary skill to play, it does tend to get quite difficult to get the coins to roll down to the bottom rather than to the sides. GoldRush Coin Falls does make you work a bit, especially when it comes to collecting rare gems and toys and completing the achievements (about 35 of them).

The big downside to the game is the plentiful ads that pop up on screen unashamedly, but you can get rid of it by purchasing any coin pack.

If you’re into casino games, do check out the free to play GoldRush Coin Falls. It’s a good looking time waster.

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