Become a Professional Horse Breeder on Android with Ubisoft’s Howrse

A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet, but does that logic extend to horses? Ubisoft’s latest sporting app appears to have taken its inspiration a little too far but despite its rather odious title, there’s a beautiful world in there that lets you live and breath horses.

You’ll need to register with the app before you can start playing around. Unfortunately there’s no social sign in process, so once you fill in the registration form, you’ll be allowed to customize your horse profile.

You can choose from over 9 different breeds, pick a coat color, and choose a background before you are allowed to have your first foal.

You’ll have plenty of quests to get you on the road to becoming a professional horse breeder. As you complete quests such as nursing and feeding your foal, grooming it, you will earn rewards in the form of virtual currency equus, turnips, aging points and such. You can the use the rewards to buy cool items for your horses.

You will eventually manage your very own equestrian center, board other player’s horses, organize competitions, and compete in team events to climb up the rankings table.

Howrse has been pampering horse lovers on the web for over 9 years and although a mobile version of the game did land on the Play Store earlier, it was available only in French. Ubisoft has now made it available for English language users for free so if your dream has always been to breed horses while on the go, here’s your chance.


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