Beat Social Evils Away with Rhythm Based Action Game Radiohammer

Vinyl Lab, makers of the rhythm action game Radiohammer believe that love and music are the only true forces in the world that can defeat social evils and bring peace.

And so they designed a game that lets you simply tap on the screen in tune to the playing beats to knock off evil. You start off playing to nice and easy tunes. Things get more intense as you progress as you will have to keep up with the changing tempo.

There is a bit of variety in gameplay and that comes in the form of three game modes. In the Story mode you can pick a character and follow the story of that character to its conclusion with the big boss battle. If you prefer to go straight for the challenges, you can play the Track Play mode and if you want to play against fellow radiohammers from around the world, then you should go for the Random Play mode. There’s also a Juke Box mode that lets you play to original soundtracks.

The game has plenty of hip characters and charming backgrounds all set in a light cartoony environment that somehow lends a spunky charm to it. The songs are obviously the key attraction in this game and you’ll be happy to know that there are 70 self-produced songs along with the originals.

The developers are promising plenty of new updates by way of new radio channels, characters, songs, and styles. And all this for just $2.99 with no worries about IAPs.

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