Battle Bears Continues With Battle Bears Zero

When it comes to bears toting guns and blasting away enemies, SkyVu Entertainment has made a name for themselves with their Battle Bear franchise. There has been the original Battle Bears, Battle Bear Gold, Fortress, etc. and now the newest edition is Battle Bears Zero. In Battle Bears Zero it is Wil’s finest hour and there is the content to prove it.

For the campaign mode there are 12 new levels with ranging difficulty, but don’t worry you’ll have ten new types of guns to use. These weapons range from sniper rifles to guns that shoot black holes to eat anything in sight. Interestingly enough, Battle Bears Zero goes heavy on the story between Wil and the Huggable Army as it features 22 minutes of unseen animated cutscenes. You may skip them but you have to admit that is a ton of cartoon content.If you’re more into the multiplayer side of video game shooters, Battle Bears Zero features online co-op as you face wave after wave of enemies and is also a good way to upgrade new weapons. Battle Bears Zero is out now for $1 on Google Play so go check it out now!

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