Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition Finally Arrives

If you’ve been waiting for the day that the Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition comes to Android devices then you should be extremely happy now as it just happened! Yes, you can play the original 60 epic game along with all the expansions in Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition. Whether you’re a classic/die-hard fan from the past or a newcomer to the franchise the Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition is here to give you everything you could want.

The original Baldur’s Gate, back in 1998 really set the bar for Dungeons & Dragons computer roleplaying games so you know you’re getting a great retro game here with the Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition. You get to do everything you could want in this RPG; customize your hero’s abilities/skills, recruit a party of allies, explore, etc. In addition to the great base storyline, in Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition you get all the expansions. This includes Tales of the Sword Coast in which you explore  the fabled Durlag’s Tower and more and The Black Pits where you are forced to fight in the Baeloth’s arena. There are also general improvements in Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition such as HD fonts and dynamic zooming. Premium content is also available for Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition if you want. Overall, Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition is the original but a lot better. A must check out!

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