Attempt to Destroy Earth in Massteroid

Down here on Earth it seems we’re always concerned with another huge asteroid wiping out humanity like with the dinosaurs. This theme has been portrayed in many different media forms including, of course, video games. Massteroid by Mighty Kingdom is the latest mobile game with this theme but puts an interesting twist on it.

The overall end goal in Massteroid is to inflict the most damage to Earth as possible. You start out as a small asteroid and you must collect tons of space junk to increase your size before slamming a direct hit onto Earth. Of course, the people of Earth are not going down as cowards. Instead they are trying their best to stop your mass destruction asteroid with rockets, mines and more. Massteroid also gives you tons of choices in its gameplay. Control wise there are three schemes; tilting, dragging or tapping to direct where your asteroid goes. There is also an endless mode and a sudden death mode with three different difficulties to really stretch the replayability. Overall, Massteroid is out now for $1.99 and actually looks like a load of fun. So get destroying Earth!

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