Are You Mad? Got The Skills? Then Try Mad Skills Motocross 2

An extremely popular video game sub-genre is side scrolling motocross games. Turborilla must realize this and has since put out a few motocross themed games, the most popular one being the original Mad Skills Motocross. Now the sequel is out called Mad Skills Motocross 2. Yes, the wait is over!

So what makes Mad Skills Motocross 2 exciting and worth a download? Well, for starters it has some of the most realistic motorcycle physics (for a side-scroller racing game) on the market. The bikes are very responsive to controls which makes the whole experience rather seamless. As for bike variety goes there are seven bikes to choose from that have different handling/speed styles. Race track variety has dozens so far with fairly consistent updates every week adding more.  Speaking of weekly content there is also weekly competitions against players worldwide. Did I mention riders and bikes are all customizable? Yep, you can customize most aspects of everything. If you’re looking for a good motorcross  mobile game then check out Mad Skills Motocross 2.

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