Arcade Physics Based Game Volt Set to Spark Up the Play Store This November

Tired of playing the endless cutesy character based games on your Android? Well, here’s one that might shake up your interest. Its called Volt and it’s about a battery, an almost dead one too, that’s being shipped off to the recycling factory. Well, the old fella’s got a bit of spark left in him yet, because he is on a mission to escape the factory using electric beams that he will use to swing across (much like spiderman) walls to reach the exit point.

Players take control of the battery and apart from swinging it across walls, can cut the beam to jump into moving platforms, release shock waves that will help the battery bounce off walls or jump over obstacles. The key to successful completion of a level is to make it to the exit point using as less beams as possible and without draining the battery.

This physics based puzzle game by Quantized Bit can be played in 4 zones across 80 levels. The game will include boss fights, unlockable levels and characters and tough-as-hell environments. Be sure to check out the video of some awesome Volt gameplay and enjoy the screenshots.

And keep your eyes peeled for more news and information until November when the game will be released.

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