Another OUYA Exclusive Out; Soul Fjord

A few weeks ago I posted a quick news article about another new OUYA exclusive called Soul Fjord that was coming January 28th. Well, that day is now and Soul Fjord is out in the wild! If you don’t know what Soul Fjord is you are missing out as it is one of the more unique and interesting game ideas I’ve heard in a while. In short it combines rhythm with roguelike gameplay. Crazy right?

Essentially Soul Fjord combines 70s funk music with Norse mythology in one insanely awesome package that I can’t wait to load up and play. What does this mean exactly though…thematically. Basically you’ll be seeing and experiencing Lounge Dragons, Disco Wizards, and the main character, a Viking named Magnus Jones. Gameplay has your typical randomly generated dungeons with randomized enemies. However, all combat is rhythm based. Soul Fjord looks amazing and the music is from Austin Wintory who has done work on games like Journey and The Banner Saga so you know its good. Get your funk on today on the OUYA with Soul Fjord.

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