Another iOS Hit Comes to Android; Foxtrot!

Android is sometimes slightly behind the times when it comes to getting hit games. iOS devices usually get them first and the games receive a lot of attention and eventually will hit Android. Foxtrot! by Pie and Mash Games Limited was released for iOS earlier this month and was voted the best game in January. Now that game is here for Android users to enjoy and enjoy it we shall!

Foxtrot! is a relatively simple puzzle platformer where you play as Neville the fox in his quest to steal eggs…for your babies of course. This means you’ll have to solve puzzles, find keys, defeat enemies and more to get these precious eggs. Again, the controls are simple and easy to pick up and you’ll find yourself hopping and puzzling solving in no time. There are 30 levels full of eggs along with boss battles and even speed runs. Did I mention that while playing the game is simple and the idea is simple enough, Foxtrot! is actually pretty hard difficulty wise? Well that is just another selling point to me as I love the super hard platformer games a la Super Meat Boy. If you think you’re up for the challenge then try out Foxtrot! on Android today.

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