Android Technology Pushing the Betting Industry Forward

We have seen a huge change in the way the betting industry works over the past couple of decades. Gone are the days of heading to a local bookmaker or placing bets at sporting events.

The first change came with the creation of online betting. This allowed people to stay at home and place bets via their computers using an online bookmaker. When this first happened, many thought it was the future of betting and that it would change things forever.

However, something else is now on the scene, and that really has changed the way in which we bet. This is mobile technology, with Android phones allowing people to place their bets from anywhere using their device, this may be your sofa, at a friends house, watching sport or even in the office.

Android Betting Apps

The biggest and best bookmakers all offer an app for their players to use to place their bets. These are often in many versions, there is an Android app version of Unibet that players can download for example.

With a betting app, you are only ever a couple of swipes and clicks away from being able to place a bet. We all carry our phones with us everywhere we go, because of these apps we effectively have a bookmaker in our pockets to use when we need.

The original incarnation of betting was to travel out somewhere to place a bet. The second wave, which saw online betting come to life, was the ability to bet from home rather than travel. Now we are seeing that move forward again, with a simple ‘bet from anywhere’ motto for those that want to take advantage.

Phone Capabilities

A big reason why Android apps have seen success has been down to the capabilities of Android phones. These phones are now like mini computers and they can handle anything that is thrown at them.

This is perfect for the betting industry to use, because it means they can make their apps as complex as possible, packed full of features, because the phones we all have can manage what is thrown at them.

This means things such as in play betting, live streaming, payment options, up to date odds and much more are all on offer through the apps that we have.

We have seen Android games really improve in quality recently, this is because phones can handle them. Now we are seeing the betting industry do the same and improve the quality of their product because they know they can rely on the phones that are on the market.

Will the Future Include Voice Control?

Full voice control may be impossible, so we may not have the ability to place bets by simply speaking to our phones, but other parts of the service could be controlled by voice in the near future.

This is something that has continued to grow on Android phones and looks to have a bright future. For example, while you may not be able to speak to your phone to pace a bet, you could speak and ask to view the latest PGA Tour betting.

This would take you to that page on your betting app, where you can read the odds on offer and make your decisions before placing a bet.

Pieces of technology such as this one are becoming more common on our phones. The betting industry is one that likes to look forward, so don’t be surprised to see them try and incorporate this into their service, even if only in a small way.

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