Android 10 Version: All you need to know

Android has been producing some amazing features throughout the years. The Android 10 version is very powerful and it consists of some minor changes. The Operating System is still worth talking about. This is because of the revamped features, dark mode and many more features that are marvellous.

Even though Android 11 is on the verge of coming out, you might also be interested in knowing what the Android 10 has in store. For much more, continue reading below. Did you know that on Android 11 you can play online casino games on sites like and stand a chance to win.

Does Android 10 Have a Dark Mode?

After years of tests and tries, Android 10 introduces a system-wide dark theme that you are able to turn on and off. This you can do anytime using Quick Setting toggle.

Better yet, Google even went on to create a new API. This tool can enable the device to go dark when the system-wide dark theme is on.

What are Android 10 Live Captions?

Android software is available to accommodate everyone. The Live Captions are a good example. This initiative is available for the deaf so that they are able to understand what is being said in a podcast, video or mobile casinos game.

If you want to use this feature, simply turn your Live Caption on Android 10’s accessibility settings.

How to Change Permission in Android 10?

Privacy has been a major concern in this time and age. This has triggered Google to introduce some new features that consist of app permission. This assists to give you a better understanding and control on the exact apps your mobile device has access to.

However, the Permission usage has been refurbished to give a clear indication on the apps that you can filter. Nevertheless, you can use the new UI for the App info page that will give you all the details you want regarding that app.

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