And Endless Runner…Driving Game; Busted Out On OUYA

Most endless runner games feature well…running. At least that is where the genre got its name from. However, more and more games are coming out that have taken more liberal liberties when it comes to that loose defintion. Busted by PIM Entertainment, case in point, is an endless runner where you are driving a getaway car. Yes, you are trying to escape from the police!

In your high speed chase away from the police you have a lot of things on your mind. You’ll need to dodge police barricades, dodge vehicles (or ramp over them!), collect money and more. There is of course a whole upgrade system so you can make your getaway car better and faster. You can even get your hands on some nitrous to make yourself near invicible! Graphics aren’t really anything to write home about but it seems like a solid game coming to the OUYA which is much appreciated. Luckily there is promise of constant new content being added. So if you want to try your hand at a life of crime check out Busted.

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