An Endless Runner In Space! Space Jumper

Endless Runners have gone everywhere! Jungles, deserts, track meets, etc. But have they gone into the final frontier, space? Honestly probably but that didn’t stop HNO Games from putting out their own take on it with the simply titled Space Jumper. So if you like endless runners (jumpers in this case?) then check out Space Jumper.

But is anything really different or unique in Space Jumper? To be completely honest, Space Jumper has all the features you like in endless runner games but doesn’t go outside the box. So you have the one touch controls, 8-bit graphics, and leaderboards for comparing high scores. That is basically all. A very simple and basic endless runner but don’t let that steer you away from downloading Space Jumper as it is free and has nice graphics/soundtrack, may as well give it a shot!

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I like 8 bit retro games .. :)

Posted by Pedro Fernandez 7 years ago

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