An Action Packed Space Flight Sim Comes Into Play; Fractal Combat X

Who wants to play a regular old boring airplane simulator? No one is who! It is 2014 and the future is here so embrace it! Fractal Combat X by Oyatsukai Games is here to bring just that with a space flight combat game. Fly in a variety of environments while blowing up enemies and other things!

Specifically there are six different fractal environments ranging from canyon landscapes to actual space. Graphics are 3D and are actually pretty awesome. Landscapes and your own spaceship are well done but also all the different HUDs and other things really make the experience surreal. There are literally dozens of missions to complete. Gameplay is fast paced and well satisfy any need for speed you want. To round out everything Fractal Combat X has arcade and simulator controls with some epic soundtracks. You can get Fractal Combat X for $1.99 which with what you’re getting graphically and feel wise is a great deal.

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