Amazon Coins Can Now Be Used On All Android Devices

Amazon Coins is basically Amazon’s freebie currency that they give out when you buy certain apps and games from them. These coins could then be redeemed to buy other apps or in-app purchases. This system is a decent one that was thought of to try and persuade developers to develop apps for the Amazon marketplace. Before these coins only worked with Amazon’s own Kindle Fire tablets, however now they work will all Android devices.

This is great news if you’re into Amazon’s marketplace and if you’re going to buy an app anyways may as well buy it from Amazon to get coins which you can then use to get a free game. Simple as that in my opinion. Coins can also be earned through completing achievements and objectives in supported games which also gives more of a reason to embrace this new system Amazon has created. Also coins can be directly bought at a 10% discount. Overall I really like the idea behind Amazon Coins and now that I can actually participate in it with my Nexus 7 I am even more excited.

Source: BusinessWire

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