Amazing Android Apps you can Download Right Now

We are in the golden age of mobile technology, that much is a certainty. When you consider the powerful computers we have at our fingertips, it is simply astounding. One of the best aspects of this is the way we can utilize high-tech mobile apps for everything from scheduling and productivity to keeping track of our favorite sports teams. With this in mind, here are some great Android apps to check out.


BeSoccer is a favorite app of soccer fans around the world. It is free to download, and offers support for many of the top leagues in professional soccer like Premier League and MLS. If you are a fan of the sport, this is the perfect app to get you ready for the season as it will help you coordinate your fantasy team and select your best soccer picks for each game. Every sports fan needs a dedicated app to help stay in tune with the news and rankings, and this is a great option to consider.

Among Us

The game Among Us has quickly become a favorite mobile game for thousands of gamers. Propelled by popular streamers and online content creators, this game found a dedicated user base that extends from the USA to Asia. The best part is that the Android app version of the game is completely free to play. In Among Us, you play as a member of a spaceship crew and quickly complete tasks while trying to find out who the “traitor” of the crew is. While some games like Fortnite or PUBG may lose some functionality in the transition to a smartphone version, the Android version of Among Us is actually just as playable as the PC version due to the simple and straightforward controls.


Security and privacy are major concerns when you are browsing online today and the Brave browser is a great product that was developed with both of these concerns in mind. The mobile version of the browser is especially lightweight and optimized to run well on Android devices. It comes with a host of features dedicated to protecting your privacy and security like built-in blockers for ads, pop-ups, and cookies. If you find the Google Chrome bloatware to be too intensive on your device, Brave poses a great alternative.


The health and fitness community worldwide is rapidly expanding as people move towards healthier choices in their life. As anyone who has ever attempted a diet or tracked their protein intake for the gym can tell you, it can get quite cumbersome to account for all of these calories. That’s where the MyFitnessPal app comes in. This useful app has tons of functionality and different features aimed at helping you on your fitness journey. The built in library contains the nutrition information of an extensive amount of different foods, so looking up the calories and protein of a certain food on the fly is quick and easy. It also contains a barcode scanner that enables you to log your meals for later, as well as a calorie calculator and workout regiment journal to help you stay dedicated. That’s a lot of functionality for this one sleek and simple app.


In the busy world we live in, it’s hard to remember to check the weather before you leave the house. While we’re constantly going from work to the cafe or meeting with friends later, it’s very useful to have a weather app to refer to. 1Weather is possibly the best free weather app for Android right now. It will show you the hourly, daily, and weekly weather, as well as long term forecasts so you can plan out your upcoming vacation. It uses a lightweight and simple design that gives you the information you need without the clutter.


Many business owners, students, and entrepreneurs will recommend this very handy app. For all of your productivity needs, Evernote is there. It’s very powerful and will be a great asset when it comes to organizing your notes and appointments. The notes can be anything from pictures, audio, links and more. In the multimedia world we live in, you need one place to organize all of your thoughts and essentials and you may find that this app is perfect for you.

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