Ah-choo! Gesundheit! Is Finally for Android

One of the most talked about mobile games (for iOS) has finally arrived on Android devices. The game, which was originally published by Konami, is called Gesundheit! and is now being published by Revolutionary Concepts. It has won IGN’s Mobile Puzzle Game of the Year, was on Time Magazines Top 25 Games List and has received rave reviews from top mobile review websites. You just know it is going to be good…or at least worth checking out.

If this is the first time hearing of Gesundheit! then you are in for a treat. Gameplay is rather unique and has been compared to a “top down Metal Gear Solid”. The overall gist of it is that it is a strategic puzzle game where you are trying to lure enemies away from you using your snot powers and traverse the various levels gathering items and getting to the end. Levels of Gesundheit! are very colorful and cartoony but extremely well made. In fact the graphics and animations also are award winning. Overall, Gesundheit! is great on all fronts and it is available for free (first few levels at least) on Android, so check it out!

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