Advantages of Using an Android

Despite the fact that Apple leads in terms of technology as well as reputation, Android has gained a lot of attention. Android had 86.2 percent of smartphone sales in the second quarter of 2016. There are reasons why Android has gained so much in terms of market share. Here are the reasons why people are using Android.

Universal Chargers

All Android devices use the same charger, which is the standardized and ubiquitous Micro USB connection. It is different when it comes to the Apple, newer devices have new chargers while older devices have their own charger. This means if you buy the newer devices, you will have to change the charger too. To add on to that, Android phones have the ability to charge wirelessly and that allows you to play real money casino games anytime and anywhere.

There Are More Phones to Choose From

Some phones like the iPhone have limited phone choice. Android on the other hand has a lot to offer when it comes to smartphones. Android phones have different prices meaning there is something for everyone. The Android phones not only have different prices but they have different specs also.

Battery and Storage of Android are Removable

Many Android phones have removable storage meaning the storage of the phone can be upgraded. You could save a lot of money because a phone that has no removable storage is very expensive to upgrade. The battery of an Android phone is easy to replace when it is damaged because it is removable.

Android has Some of The Best Widgets

Widgets add flexibility which is why Android phones are more flexible than other phones on the market, you can install your casinosnz online baccarat . Widgets enhance user experience; this is one of the best reasons why so many people use Android phones.

Good Hardware

Android phones have good hardware, some of the phones are even better than iPhone phones when it comes to hardware. Some Android phones that have been recently manufactured have faster processors as well as more RAM. These phones are even better than some iPhone phones.

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