Activision and Cabela Bring Cabela’s Big Game Hunter To Mobile

People love to hunt but can’t always go out into the real life wilderness to do so. Especially if they want to experience the thrill of hunting bears and other big game. This is where hunting simulator games come into place and they are surprisingly very popular games. Now, Activision and Cabela (The World’s Famous Outfitter) have teamed up to bring their popular hunting video game, Cabela’s Big Game Hunter, to mobile devices and for free!

Cabela’s Big Game Hunter lets you experience tons of different locations that you normally would not get to hunt in. These include the American Northwest and even the frozen North. In these different environments you’ll find, track and hunt over 20 different animals. From normal hunting game like white-tailed deer to grizzly bears, mountain lions and more. Luckily you have a huge range of weapons to take down any game. Rifles, shotguns, pistols and even crossbows are at your disposal and are even customizable. To make things more fun and “video gamey” Cabela’s Big Game Hunter has included special powerups. These range from things which slow down time, increase accuracy and an X-ray mode. If you like hunting games then you know Cabela’s Big Game Hunter is one of the best if not #1 and now that same game is available free on mobile devices, out now!

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