A Nice Jab at Candy Crush Saga; Intern Saga: Trademark Lawyer

I’m sure by now you have heard of the whole drama and story surrounding and their hit game Candy Crush Saga. If not, basically a few weeks ago they decided to file a trademark claim on the word ‘candy’ and ‘saga’ for games. They received the trademark and have already sent letters to companies, even ones that have games that are no where near similar to Candy Crush Saga such as The Banner Saga. Obviously this is ridiculous and lots of people/developers agree and have since flooded the market with crappy games with titles using ‘candy’ and ‘saga’ in them. One of these games takes a more objective look at the whole saga (see what I did there?) and decided to make a more social commentary game rather than just a cheap shot. This game is called Intern Saga: Trademark Lawyer by The Men Who Wear Many Hats.

Intern Saga: Trademark Lawyer is basically a parody game (obviously). You are given a randomly generated app store with various fictional game titles, icons and descriptions. You then play as a lawyer and flag all the games that step on your trademarks. A simple concept for sure but can’t fault one that takes a jab at the evil and one that does it a lot better than most. Support the little guys and check out Intern Saga: Trademark Lawyer.

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