A New Sport? Major League Wizardry

Forget the classic sports games like baseball, football and soccer and think of something more magical. This is what developers Game Made Studio have done with their latest game, Major League Wizardry. As the name suggests, Major League Wizardry is a “sports” like game featuring wizards! So instead of passing around various balls you have different wizards shooting all sorts of spells and other magic at each other.

In actuality, Major League Wizardry is a trading card game where you build up your own major league team of wizards. Gameplay is then full of different magical spells, magic traps and even monsters running amok causing chaos. Cards are animated so when you make a move or something you see a nice little animation. Gameplay can also be played live or as a “send-a-turn” type mode. I should mention that Major League Wizardry is in beta so don’t expect the most flawless game and also a lot of new features are planned. For instance, combo cards, a shop, and the ability for leveling/upgrading monsters is coming soon. Still, as of now Major League Wizardry still looks pretty great and it is a free game. Well worth checking out.

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