6 Classic Games That Are Worth Your Time

Cyberpunk 2077, The Witcher, and other modern games have thousands of lovers worldwide. But what if your PC doesn’t let you install them? Then you can play games at or choose one of these classic games. Although they are not so modern, their plot and graphics will satisfy you.

Alpha Centauri

In Alpha Centauri, the player has to colonize the world, build an empire, cooperate and compete with other factions vying for power. The action takes place on a distant planet in the future, the gameplay is heavily influenced by the story, and the player has to interact with mysterious alien life forms and races already inhabiting the planet.

This game offers empire building, exploration, combat, and diplomacy, a great storyline, interesting factions, and multilateral leaders. All of this provides a much richer experience from the game.

Baldur’s Gate II

There is something special about the amazing, seemingly hand-drawn image created by the Infinity Engine game engine, and in the case of Baldur’s Gate II, it helped create a truly great RPG.

The grim fantasy setting of the world gives you a tremendous amount of room to explore with your partners, who have beautifully written dialogue and memorable battle cries. The beautiful landscapes and rich mystical world filled with a personality all make Baldur’s Gate II a truly timeless classic.

Planescape: Torment

Compared to Baldur’s Gate II, where the hero travels with his companions, Planescape: Torment takes the player on a solitary, deeply personal journey where you try to recover the lost memories of a man who has lived and died many times without being able to remember anything. The action takes place in a surreal world, containing numerous plans and strange creatures, unlike anything you have seen before. The plot is one of the most unusual and greatest stories the gaming industry has seen. Based more on dialogue and personal choices than battles, this game encourages you to explore the world, talk, and think long and hard when another quest offers you new choices.

Deus Ex

Deus Ex hasn’t aged as much as many of the pixel-era games, but its massive RPG system, compact locations, and intriguing plot twists make this game definitely worth checking out.

The variety of ways you can get through the game is still surprising today. The player has countless options at his disposal to modify the protagonist for his style of passing the game and different ways to progress through the story by interacting with the world in whatever manner he wants. Deus Ex is still the gold standard in the RPG world that other developers should strive for. If you feel like playing it again, don’t overlook the free Deus Ex Revision mod. It’ll help you install the game on your modern computer.


The gameplay involved several innovations that helped this game stand out among other shooters. One of them is a manual reloading system and the first-ever sniper sight in the history of shooters. A real orchestral recorded soundtrack, inspired by Sergio Leone, gives you goosebumps, and animated cutscenes created by LucasArts add context to gunfights taking place on trains, in frontier towns, and other familiar landscapes of the Old West. Outlaws is a veritable gold mine, incorporating impeccable style and interesting gameplay in the form of a classic first-person shooter.

The Longest Journey

The Longest Journey was the swan song of the genre. Your protagonist is April, a student navigating between two different worlds to recover the mystical power that gives these worlds the ability to exist in harmony.

The two contrasting areas where the action takes place, the magical Arcadia and the sandy Stark urban landscapes, look seamless. In each area, you’ll encounter strange and surprisingly lively characters that you’ll learn to empathize with along with the protagonist. A lot of puzzles can make you uncomfortable, but it’s worth it to go through them to experience this beautiful multidimensional journey on your own. A sequel called Dreamfall The Longest Journey may also be worth your attention.

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