#1 Classic RPG In Japan Comes To Android; Brave Frontier

One of the most anticipated classic role-playing games has finally come to Android. Yes, Brave Frontier is finally here for all you to enjoy. You will venture forth into Grand Gaia, the land of the gods, to unleash your summoner powers to save the world. There is a ton of content in Brave Frontier that will entertain you for hours, and even better is that it is all for free!

Brave Frontier (1) Brave Frontier (2) Brave Frontier (3)

In Brave Frontier you create squads/teams made up of various monsters in the realm. In fact there are over 200 heroes and beasts you can collect into your teams. These of course have the typical elemental restrictions of Fire, Water, Earth, Thunder, Light, and Dark. There are over 100 missions for you to get through and you can even team up with your friends to help you do so. If you don’t want to be cooperative, then try the online PvP arena mode and see who’s team is really top dog. Brave Frontier features great pixel graphics, tons of different skills to utilize and an interesting town dynamic. I know you’ve been waiting for it and the time is now. Brave Frontier is out now for free on Google Play!

User Reviews

Highly recommended

I have been playing this game for a couple weeks and it is addicting! I highly recommend the game. The developers have been handling the game great and take care of their players if there…

Posted by Anonymous 10 years ago

Connection error

I'm getting connection error on my phone while it works normal on my Nexus 7.

Posted by RPGking 10 years ago

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