Best of December 2013

With Christmas and the end of the year coming to a close, December has had some great new releases as well as some great games just coming to Android. This ranges from chart topping triple A titles like Grand Theft Auto to more indie titles like Badland and AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA. December was certainly a month full of big and bold titles from the best of the best developers. What to see exactly what made our top of December? Read on.

10. Sonic The Hedgehog 2

Sonic 2 is the same classic it's always been at its core, but currently comes with as many bugs as it does new features, so beware. - David Oxford
The second of a "retro" game coming to mobile and also the second Sonic title is Sonic The Hedgehog 2. Yep, crank up that nostalgia as you can now play the classic Sonic game on mobile devices. Of course, everything in Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is remastered for mobile devices including some new features. These include new stages, new modes and more. It does have a good bit of buggery which may bother you but all in all it is Sonic The Hedgehog 2 on mobile!

9. Angry Birds Go!

Angry Birds Go! may be full of sponsored ads and IAPs but at its core it is an extremely well done kart racer. - Robert Clark
The month of December brought to us Rovio's latest venture with the Angry Birds franchise. The highly anticipated game is called Angry Birds Go! and instead of a launcher destruction game it ventured into Mario Karts territory and made a downhill kart racing game. Angry Birds Go! gameplay wise is amazing with super cartoony and colorful graphics and great controls. However, it is full of IAPs and other forced ads with kind of tarnish the whole experience.

8. Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift

Holiday Gift brings the familiar charm of Cut the Rope with a holiday skin. - Michael Ian
Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift is perhaps the only game on this list that was made exclusively for the month of December. As you can probably guess, gameplay of this Zeptolab game is similar to all the other Cut the Rope games but with that Christmas/Holiday theme. So you'll be cutting rope and gathering candy with landscapes ranging from Christmas trees in the background to snow. While it is essentially the same game as all the others, you can't complain too much as that gameplay is super addicting.

7. Sonic Dash

Sonic Dash offers a real sense of speed and solid visuals, but Sonic or no Sonic, it plays like most other endless running games. - Nadia Oxford
With the popularity of endless runners recently it is amazing that the king of running, Sonic, took this long to get his foot in the door. But now with Sonic Dash, that is not the case and you can enjoy the blue hedgehog as he zips along. While Sonic Dash does unfortunately fall into the "bland" category it is an ok representation of the genre and does have the Sega brand attached to it all. In addition it looks amazing and you really get that sense of speed.

6. Savant – Ascent

Like the name suggests, in Savant - Ascent you are ascended a tower and shooting all the robots that get in your way. If you're savvy in the ways of EDM music you may recognize that Savant - Ascent is a commissioned game by the artist Savant. But don't let that fool you as Savant - Ascent is a fun shooter game that any fan will love. In addition to the gameplay, the music is top notch (obviously) and a joy to play.


Badland is a challenging side-scrolling action puzzler that will appeal to the visual and artsy. Flap and bounce your way through a bleak landscape dotted with obstacles on your way to the safety of a suction hose. - Jason Stengren
Badland was one of the more anticipated titles to finally hit Android this year and for good reason. It was award winning when it was first released and has topped charts this year now for Android. Gameplay has you controlling a fly/bird/monster as you fly through increasingly dangerous environments. Along the way you gather powerups that change the dynamics in crazy ways and even give you swarms of yourself to then unfortunately kill lemmings style. Great controls and graphics make Badland one of the best games not only in December but this year!

4. Brave Frontier

Brave Frontier is yet another title in the "army management" style of games. Collect new units, level them in combat, and test your skills against other players in the Arena. - Jason Stengren
Always have to have one JRPG on the lists and Brave Frontier is a great one for December. Everything you could want in a RPG is in Brave Frontier; enormous amounts of stats, childish character names and tons of color. While the genre that Brave Frontier is emulating is fairly trite, in its own case it still manages to be fun and full of action.

3. AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!!

Don't let the name of AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA turn you off of the actual content as it is actually a really fun game. The name comes from the typical scream response of someone jumping off buildings and that is what the gameplay is about. Jump off skyscrapers and dodge obstacles along the way down. Originally a PC title, it is now on Android and fits snugly with the motion controls.

2. Colossatron

Destroying the world has never been as much fun as when you've guided a giant robot snake. - David Oxford
If you're in the mood for some pure destruction, you may want to give Colassatron a try. It plays like any Snake type game but with a surprising amount of unique features. Your chain of destruction is comprised of many different colored parts which can combine to give super bonuses and the levels are full of military units trying to take you down. All in all, Colossatron is full of pure chaotic action and is super fun.

1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

While Grand Theft Auto V recently came out, for Android fans there was another title to be excited about. That is right, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas finally made its way to Android. Rockstar redesigned Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for mobile devices by revamping graphics and customizing the controls. If you want a great game full of nostalgia or just a great game in general for your Android device, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is it.

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